About QB Club

A Message from the President

My name is Battle Page and I will be serving as your Quarterback Club President for the 2016 season. I look forward to what promises to be an exciting season and can hardly wait to see what Coach Webb has come up with for this year’s REBEL football team!

Our Club’s Mission Statement:

The Franklin Quarterback Club was created to help organize the time, talents and economic support of all FHS football parents, alumni, faculty and community to optimize team success and to make a lifelong positive impact on our players.

2016-officers2016 Officers

  • PRESIDENT – Battle Page (David 2011,Booth 2014, Max 2016)
  • VICE PRESIDENT – Russell Palk (Conner 2016) (Cooper2018)
  • SECRETARY – Shawn Patterson (Alex 2014,Wes 2016)
  • TREASURER – J Burgess (Maddux 2016)

2016 QBC Committees

MERCHANDISE: Shawn Patterson and Michelle Palk

MEMBERSHIP: Shawn Patterson

RESERVED SEATS: Michelle Palk (Conner2016, Cooper2018)

MEDIA: John Craig

      • WEBSITE:  (John Conner 2018)
      • PICTURES: Peter Batarseh  ( JP 2016)
      • FACEBOOK: – Gina Page (David 2011, Booth 2014, Max 2016)
      • PROGRAM: Tom Rossi  (Mitch 2016)
      • VIDEO: Mike Reimer  (Chase 2020)
      • VIDEO EDIT: Alex Curtis
      • TWITTER: Russell Palk

THURSDAY NIGHT POTLUCK: Lori Stucki (Lucas 2010, Will 2016)

PRE-GAME MEALS: Russie Carter (Landon 2017) Laura Miller ( Christopher Miller-Hill 2017)

MOM’S CAMP: Emily Williams (Caden 2016), Sara Critchlow

STATISTICS: Scott Reagan ( Jamison 2016)

FRESH & JV PRE-GAME: Erin Ray ( Jack 2018)

CHAIN GANG: Mike Patterson (Alex 2014, Wes 2016)

FIELD PAINTING: Gary Sirface (Eric 2015)

BANQUET: Shawn Patterson


AWAY GAME SNACK:  Angela Wilkes

TAILGATE: Gina & Battle Page

I urge everyone to be involved and together help make The Rebel Football program as strong as it can be.

Take care,

Battle Page
Quarterback Club President

Membership Packages

L1 Alumni $50
Includes Power F sticker.

L2 White $250
Includes two license plates and two coffee mugs

L3 Gray $500
Includes one reserved parking pass, two t-shirts, two license plates, two coffee mugs

L4 Maroon $1,000
Include multiple player packs (up to two players), one reserved parking pass, two t-shirts, two license plates, two coffee mugs, and cooler bag.