Senior Spotlight, #42, Mitch Rossi

Today’s spotlight is on Senior, Mitch Rossi.  He wears #42 and plays several key positions for the Rebels, including Running Back and Linebacker.  Mitch has a brother, Jack, who

# 42, Mitch Rossi

# 42, Mitch Rossi

previously played for the Rebels, and a sister, Molly.  He started playing football for the Grassland Eagles as a Middle Linebacker and a slot receiver and quickly gained the respect of all the dads for his love of “hitting.”  Mitch’s favorite player is Luke Kuechly.  After graduation Mitch wants to go to the University of Tennessee and study Sports Management, and then he would love to coach at Clemson University.  When asked what his favorite FHS football memory is he answered “either double overtime win against Indy, or Halloween win at Centennial of my sophomore year.”  He cites Dwight Schrute’s quote as his favorite motivational saying, “I am fast….To give you a reference point I am somewhere between a snake and a mongoose….And a panther.”  

Here is what his parents, Tom and Deb want Mitch to know:  “Your enthusiasm for the game has always made you so much fun to watch.  From GAA peewee when you put on a spectacle playing during halftime at the Titans game, to calling plays during middle school football that led the coach to remark: “If I did not show up, Mitch could take over!”…… You have always given 110%.  Thank you for your drive and spirit….We Love You….Go Big or Go Home!!!

We have all LOVED watching Mitchie through the years and look forward to seeing all that he will accomplish.